• Multifunction Fit for ionic filter handheld shower head,9 Pack 3 kinds of shower head anti limestone, perfect replacement bio-active stone;
  • Energy Balls The function of Gray Mineral Balls make water clear, Reduce oil secretion, restore balance in oil glands and rejuvenate your skin;
  • Negative Ion Mineral Balls The White Mineral Balls adjust pH value of the water, reduce rust buildup and restore smooth skin, make your hair shiny and smooth;
  • Infrared Mineral Balls The Red Mineral Balls remove bacteria, residual chlorine from tap water, heavy metals, restore smoother skin, make your hair shiny and smooth;
  • Excellent service Creating the best bathroom experience and offering innovative bathroom products is our goal. Any doubt before buying or during use, do not hesitate to contact us.

Replacement Filter Purified Energy Beads

  • Advantage:
    — Improve the biological activity of the water with dissolved oxygen concentration, Strengthen and activate the physiological activities of the human body.
    — Adjust the pH value of the water, make water become slightly Alkaline and more beneficial to skin health. Making people fell more comfortable.
    — Increase dissolved oxygen and activate water, Micro-clustered water hydrate cells more effectively.
    — Disperse the composite ceramic particles to relieve fatigue and promote metabolism.
    — Infrared mineral ball improve the taste of water, Inhibit microbe breeding.

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